Fur Lined Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

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Put your sub in their place with the Strict Leather Fur Lined Wrist and Ankle Cuffs. These fur-lined cuffs offer not only maximum restraint, but maximum comfort. Plush faux fur covers the bottom of the cuffs allowing for a smooth sensation across the skin. The straps are made of a durable leather material, creating a stylish cuff that can withstand the most vigorous of your bondage activities. Each cuff has a D-ring that allows you to use other restraints to attach your lover to the bed or other bondage furniture. The strap fits most wrist or ankle sizes, so tonight, give a sense of erotic elegance with these secure and comfortable cuffs. Sold in pairs of either wrist or ankle restraints.

Color: Black
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)
Package: Bag

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