It all started with my friend mentioning penis pumps and autofelatio.​ Little did I know they were related.​ As soon as I heard about it, I was a bit taken aback.​ I did some research on the Internet to find out what all the hype was about.​

Let me tell you! A penis pump autofelatio is an apparatus that provides suction to the penis and stimulates it.​ It works by using a motor to create an airtight environment around the penis while providing suction.​ The suction helps to increase blood flow to the penis, which increases pleasure and creates better erections.​

I became intrigued and started to look into it more.​ After researching online, I stumbled upon reviews for products claiming to provide maximum pleasure and increase the length and sex dolls girth of the penis.​ Intrigued by all these claims, I figured I had nothing to lose and went ahead and tried it out myself.​

Boy, was I amazed! Once I started using the device, I realized the claims weren’t exaggerations.​ The suction from the pump created a sensation that I hadn’t experienced before.​ The feeling was surreal and I was able to get harder and stay hard longer than ever before.​

The results weren’t just limited to my improved erections, though.​ I also noticed my penis was becoming longer and the girth was increasing too.​ The sensation of having an increased size was both pleasurable and empowering.​

On top of all this, it was really easy to use as well.​ All I had to do was to put my penis in the pump and turn it on.​ The suction created was enough to keep it in place and I experienced great pleasure during the process.​

Overall, using a penis pump autofelatio has been a great experience for me.​ It has allowed me to experience greater pleasure and harder erections.​ Not only that, my penis has also become larger and more powerful.​ I really recommend everyone who is curious about it to give it a try.​

Now, let me tell you about the different types of penis pumps.​ There are ones that are specifically designed for increasing the size of the penis, and there are ones that are focusing on providing the user with more pleasure.​

The pumps that focus on size are different from the ones that provide pleasure.​ These pumps will require you to wear the pump for a longer period of time, and they work by creating pressure and suction, causing your penis to expand in both length and girth.​

The pumps that provide greater pleasure will need to be used for shorter periods of time.​ The suction from the pump is designed to create pleasurable suction sensations, providing the user with a unique experience.​

On top of the different types of pumps, there are also different types of pumping techniques you can use.​ You can use the pumping technique that is designed to provide pleasure or the one that is designed for size.​ You can also use combination techniques in order to maximize both size and pleasure.​

Now that I’ve been using penis pump autofelatio for a while, I’m really glad I gave it a try.​ It has been an incredibly enjoyable experience and has allowed me to enjoy more pleasure and become bigger.​ It’s really changed my life, dildos and I can’t recommend it enough!