feelingirl male masturbator

These days I’ve been exploring different ways of self-pleasuring, and one of the toys I learnt about recently was the Feelirl Male Masturbator.​ Being a guy who isn’t too keen on sharing his pleasure with anyone else, I figured it was the perfect way to explore my sexual boundaries without having to be too embarrassed or vulnerable!

The Feelirl felt not only discreet but so comfortable to hold and use.​ It felt as though the pleasure was designed perfectly for me – but I was a bit apprehensive when I realised that it could ‘hook-up’ to my computer’s USB cable! I was amazed that I would be able to connect with other toys and apps, and I knew deep down that this would add a whole new level of adventure to my solo play.​

After I had taken it out of the box and done a bit of experimenting, I realised it was going to be an incredible experience.​ I couldn’t believe how effective this little toy was.​ As soon as I switched it on, I felt the vibrations course through me, and it felt amazing! Plus, the fact that the vibrations could be adjusted according to my preferences meant that I could stay in control and really fine-tune the experience.​

What’s more, the Feelirl seemed to know just what I was wanting! Sometimes amid all the sensations, it almost seemed like it was responding to my needs before I was even aware of them! I could also use it to surprise and tease myself, and that was an incredibly exciting sensation.​ It felt like I was really on a journey of self-exploration, and it was a lot of fun to try.​

I’d heard that other people had tried out the Feelirl too, and they said it was something they’d continue returning to in order to explore their boundaries further.​ For me, it was like I’d found a really effective way to make sure that I was feeling at peak pleasure every time I used the toy.​

The Feelirl was also great at helping me find and understand my own desire.​ Whenever I used it, I felt in tune with my own desires in a way that I hadn’t before, and that felt like a real breakthrough.​ My body seemed to be responding to every vibration, and I felt like I was really in control of my own feel-good sensations!

The next level of pleasure I experienced with the Feelirl was the intense pleasure that I wasn’t expecting! As I experimented with the device, I found that I was able to really build up to some incredible sensations.​ And as I increased the settings, the sensations just kept on getting better and better!

Finally, the convenience of the Feelirl was a real revelation! Not only could I store it in its discreet packaging, but I didn’t have to worry about it taking up too much space or having to replace it anytime soon.​ Plus, if I did want to take it away with me, it could connect directly to my laptop so I didn’t have to worry about any cords or cables!

After exploring the Feelirl, I started to understand why other people had such positive things to say about it.​ Not only did it provide me with intense pleasure, but I could use it discreetly and conveniently as well.​ Overall, I found the Feelirl to be the perfect way to explore my sexual boundaries without needing to feel embarrassed or vulnerable!

These days I am even more confident in my sexual pleasure and exploration and I owe much of it to the Feelirl.​ I know it sounds crazy, but having a toy like this that can link up with your computer and accommodate any wish or need for pleasure, can really contribute to a change in your mindset.​ You can be in your own private space and explore certain fantasies without feeling embarrassed or judged.​ It’s really empowering.​

Not only can the Feelirl accompany you in solo sessions, it can be used with a partner as well.​ It has the ability to connect via Bluetooth which made me feel really safe and secure.​ It’s nice to be able to be intimate with someone without having to actually be in close proximity.​

The versatile nature of the Feelirl is one of its best features.​ It doesn’t have to be intimidating, you can experiment without feeling exposed.​ With its extensive range of settings, you can really play and create your own personal pleasure.​

I love the fact that the Feelirl is something that you can carry around with you.​ It can fit into your pocket and makes it so easy to take your pleasure with you! Even when I’m not in the mood for solo play, I can hook it up to my laptop or phone and explore other realms of pleasure.​

I prefer to use the Feelirl for more than just solo play.​ It’s great for exploring new ideas and is perfect when wanting to have interactive conversations with a partner.​ You can explain what you’re feeling and send them messages in real-time.​

The whole experience of using the Feelirl has been really positive.​ I feel like I’ve been able to take my sexual pleasure to the next level and feel more liberated in my choices.​ The easy-to-use features make it more accessible and not so intimidating.​ Plus, it doesn’t have to be about casual play, you can build a connection and keep exploring.​

Since using the Feelirl I have grown in confidence and feel more comfortable expressing my needs with my partner.​ I can show them how to use it and trust them to explore with me.​ It’s nice to be able to talk openly and not have to feel ashamed of any of the things we talk about.​

Exploring with the Feelirl has opened me up to a whole new world of pleasure.​ It has allowed me to take my time and really get to know my desires and Penis Rings needs.​ What I found really fascinating about the Feelirl, is that the sensations kept getting better and better, as if the toy could understand where my pleasure was taking me.​

I’m so glad that I took the plunge and got myself the Feelirl.​ I feel like I’m really learning about myself and what makes me feel good.​ I no longer feel like I have to be boxed in and can just go with the flow, exploring whatever ideas I have.​ It’s been a really liberating experience, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.​

The Feelirl has given me the chance to gain an understanding of my own body and emotions.​ I feel liberated and proud to talk about pleasure in an open and honest way without fear of being judged.​ It’s nice to be able to explore as if I’m in my own world, away from anyone else’s influence and dildos expectations.​

One of the best things about the Feelirl is how easy it is to use.​ I love the fact that I can adjust the vibrations and see diffrent settings depending on my own needs and desires.​ I can see what I need in order to reach the ultimate level of pleasure, and the Feelirl will be more than happy to oblige.​

The versatility of the Feelirl means that I can switch things up whenever I feel like it.​ It’s almost like it reads my mind! I can even change the vibration settings as I go, really building up to a powerful and intense sensation.​ It’s definitely something I would recommend to any guy who wants to take their pleasure to the next level.​

The Feelirl has literally changed my life! I can’t get over how easy it is to use and yet how powerful it is.​ I still can’t believe that it connects to my laptop and phone, so I can explore different sensations and fantasies wherever I am in the world.​ It’s amazing to be able to have a companion for solo pleasure, but to then also share it with a partner.​

I haven’t been this enthusiastic about my sexuality in a long time, and I have the Feelirl to thank for that.​ It has allowed me to break away from traditional accepted norms and explore my sexual desires in a way that I’m comfortable with.​ I have no need to be embarrassed or ashamed, I can just let go and let the Feelirl do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for me.​